James Capps




What is your full name, your age, and where do you come from?
James Glen Capps, 27, Boise Idaho and the Oregon Coast

How long have you been skating?
Since I was 13-14, I can’t remember

Which skaters inspired you the most growing up, and which inspire you today?
Well when I first started skating it was my homies Adam, Allen, Ryan, Eddy, and all the Coos Bay and Boise homies.  Didn’t really see any skate videos until a year or so into skating so my homies kinda showed me what’s up and got me really stoked on skating.  After that and now days I’d have to say Mark Appleyard, Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Tom Penny, John Cardiel, Arto Saari, Dennis Busenitz, Gino Iannuci, Guy Mariano, Chico Brenes, Rodrigo TX, Andrew Reynolds, Bryan Herman, Paul and Greg at Prestige, Wes Kremer, Eric J Peterson, and the whole Sour Solutions crew, all the Lakai/Girl/Chocolate family, #meetyouthere family, and everyone that’s just skating for the real love and fun of skating really.

What does your perfect day look like?
Somewhere warm, cold ones, homies, good music, close to a beach preferably, pretty much days in Barcelona

What are you bumping on the jambox at a good session?
Ghetto Boys, NWA, Andre 3000, A Tribe called Quest, Biggie, anything with a good beat really

How do you feel about Instagram/social media and skateboarding?
It’s cool I guess, it’s rad for kids to be able to follow all the skaters they look up to at all times.  When I was a kid it was strictly whatever VHS tapes and dvd’s you could get your hands on or what you saw in mags.  Little envious of that, but on the other hand not really because I think social media kind of washes things out.  As a kid I liked waiting for full videos to come out or only seeing a little bit here and there, feel like it made it more special.  Different times though haha but it’s cool for random clips that wouldn’t make it in a video or video part but you still want to see them.  The Insta famous skaters/people can save it though.

What is a bad habit you need to kick?
I love food, even bad food.  Need to kick the junk foods…right in the face.

Favorite place skateboarding has taken you, and place you want to travel to the most?
Too many rad places in this world just to pick one.  All the #meetyouthere trips, mainly Barcelona, Rio, Taiwan, Thailand, Portugal, and Puerto Rico.  I really want to go to Montreal and Italy, both seem rad for skating and chilling.

How did you get your spot on Lakai?
Ando at FTC and Anthony Claravall basically, it’s a long story though haha.  I was living with Matt Milligan at the Newell when he was still the Northwest rep for Lakai.  Asked him to show Smyth and the guys some of my footage, luckily they were down to flow me shoes.  Went on some #MeetYouThere trips with Anthony Claravall and ended up skating with Guy back when he was on Lakai and ended up putting out a Thrasher part with Guy having a guest trick.  I think that and the part stoked everyone out at Lakai.  Then when I was in Europe Lakai was doing a #PictureMeEuroRollin tour around the same time.  So I asked if it was cool and met up with all the guys.  Trip was really fun and some of us ended up staying in Barcelona for a month longer to film for #TheFlareLakaiVid.  A little after that trip I moved to LA started skating with everyone more, and being around more.  Long story short though Ando and Claravall, they really put me on peoples’ radar.

Who is your favorite Lakai rider, past or present?
Past probably Danny Garcia or Scott Johnston, they had the steez and trick selection I always liked.  Present I’d have to say Flaco (Stevie Perez) and Vincent (Alvarez).  They are true skate rats with amazing styles.

What do you think you would be doing if you weren’t skating for a living?
Probably playing basketball for some Euro team because the NBA is insane, or playing golf.  Who knows…something active.

Favorite thing about riding for Lakai?
Getting to skate with Rick and Mike duh.

Any last words?
Better an “oops” than a “what if”.