Jon Sciano


While “Big Bad” Jon may look like a burley, tattooed adult in his late 20’s- as of writing this, he still can’t legally make it into a bar. Raised in the heat and humidity of central Florida, Jon moved to LA from Oviedo, FL in 2012, and has been on a tear since. Growing up Jon was quickly adopted by the previous generation of skaters in the area, resulting in a kid who is wise beyond his skate years. This shows in Jon’s classic approach on the board, and his eye for good tricks at the right spots. Add to that rawness, power, and speed and you get a skater whose part you want to watch more than once- a rarity these days.



Last pair of Lakai’s you skated?
The MJ’s, 20-years of Chocolate.

All time favorite skater? 
Man, I don’t know if I can even choose one. I have so many. Evan Smith, Bryce Mandel, CK1, Jerry, RONNIE SANDOVAL! But I guess if I had to choose, it would be Mr. Big Pants, Little Tires, John Cardiel. I think you can ask anyone the amount of just pure energy on a board that Cardiel produced is just something that is rarely seen with so much damn style.

Kick it with Carroll or hang with Howard?
Both, furrddayzz. But pretty sure me and Rick stomped every other roommate team in Europe. We were voted most valuable room. Or wait, was it the least valuable?

Any new tattoos?
The newest one is a naked pin up girl riding a crawfish on my leg. I knew i wanted a pin up girl and a crawfish, so we just said fuck it, put them together and make her naked.

If you had a different career besides skating, what would it be?
Damn, i think about this shit all the time. I think the things I’ve been really getting into are woodwork, tattooing, and lately skate shoes. Every time I go to see what Scott and Jeff are designing for Lakai, I just want to sit there and learn how to do everything,

Last trick you learned?
Last trick learned was a full cab to 5-0 on a quarterpipe. Like the one Gino does, that trick is pretty G. Hyped i finally got one under my belt.

If you could skate with one person who is gone now, who would it be?
You know I think it would be Keenan. Having friends that knew him, I’ve just heard so many stories of people saying he had so much to offer as a person and friend along with his skating. I think a session with Keenan would be a good one.

Movie of your choice?
Pool Hall Junkies, Very Bad Things, Anchorman, Godfather, Super Troopers, Rounders, Hackers, Blow, Joe Dirt, SLC Punks, Fast Times, Dumb and Dumber, Ace Ventura (all of them), Saving Silverman, FUBAR, Clerks 2, Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure, Bio Dome, Malibu’s Most Wanted, Ali G, Bad Boys, Punisher, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Don’t Be A Menace In South Central, Kids.

If you could trade one of your tricks for one you don’t have, what would it be?
I would trade my 50-50’s for any new tricks at all. Please.

Tell us a good Flaco story?
Ha, The only one i can think of right now is when we were in Europe recently and Flaco was tripping on all the good looking girls walking past us, and he kind of yelled, “Oh my god there goes another one, WHY WON’T THEY TALK TO ME!!!” Hahahaha. It was some pretty funny shit in person.

Ever been knocked out?
I think I’ve gotten laid out twice. One was the King of the Road fight where I got hit in the face with a metal scooter, and the other one was- I was completely wasted, and I told the owner of the house to get fucking lost. Dude was a nice guy and was like, “…but it’s my house”, and then his friend sucker punched me from behind. Ha. I deserved it.

Do you ever trip on what life might be like if you had never picked up skating?
I have fully tripped on that idea, seeing what my friends and family are like. I would either have been a broke ass surf bum, or a broke ass redneck. Either way, I’m glad i turned out to be a broke ass skater.