Nico Hiraga




What is your full name, your age, and where do you come from?
Nicholas Nico Jun Hiraga, I’m 20 years old, and I’m born and raised in the SFC. BAY AREAAAA

How long have you been skating?
Been skating for 8 years.

Which skaters inspired you the most growing up, and which inspire you today?
Shawn Connolly inspired me a bunch when I was younger, plus I got to skate with him a lot, Ando from FTC, Busenitz, Daewon, Karl Watson.  Now I’d say mostly the dudes I skate with inspire me. You guys know who you are, Bay to LA!

What does your perfect day look like?
Wake up early (doesn’t happen often), go skate, get a beast trick in the streets, go grub on some good food with the bros, try and get another trick, cruise back home say whatup to the family, hangout a bit, have some dinner, then either go out with some homies or stay in with the family. If I’m not skating though and I’m having kind of a rest day or I’m mad sore. I’ll go to the beach for sure. I could spend hours.

What are you bumping on the jambox at a good session?
Maannnn. Probably Biggie or Rihanna hahaha. “Want you to make me feel, like I’m the only girl in the world” that song is a slap haha

How do you feel about Instagram/social media and skateboarding?
Fuck man Instagram is tight. Kinda. Like I like seeing skate footy on Instagram, keeping up with people I don’t see every day, posting goofy shit or skate related stuff, etc. but also it’s time consuming so it’s kind of a bummer at times. But people post the craziest skate clips on instagram dude I can’t keep up goddamn.

What is a bad habit you need to kick?
I spit too much dude. All the homies blame me for when they get spit on their grip tape. I lowkey deny it, but shit it was probably me to be honest.

Favorite place skateboarding has taken you, and place you want to travel to the most?
Man skateboarding has taken me to some beast places but my favorite would be either Australia or Barcelona. Japan too though cause you know…that’s the Motherland.

How did you get your spot on Lakai?
Ando from FTC showed Smyth my footy from “FTC young bucks” and Smyth hit me up through Facebook. I was so hyped dude. I found out during lunch at my school and just started running laps around the school.

Who is your favorite Lakai rider, past or present?
Favorite Lakai rider… damn that’s tough…the whole damn team dude. We’re stacked!

What do you think you would be doing if you weren’t skating for a living?
I like to act. Probably would be doing some of that. I was also mad serious about soccer too but I quit for skating you dig. No desk job though. Hell no.

Favorite thing about riding for Lakai?
Being able to put my ideas into the shoes. And the team and people involved.

Any last words?
“Nana Korobi Ya Oki”