Jesus Fernandez


The "little Spaniard that could" might be one lighthearted way to describe the career of Jesus Fernandez. Skating the streets of Spain and greater Europe, he used the motivation he gained from watching mid-90s videos to put his own twist on what he saw. In another sign of the greater brotherhood of skating, those influencers who had helped shape his skating eventually helped him to become a part of the companies they created. Outgrowing his hometown of Madrid, he moved to Barcelona and thrived in the skate playground that he found there. With a great scene and a variety of pros coming and going, he decided that he should take the skills he's honed and see what a stint in LA could do for him. Months of LA life and getting the attention of the Chocolate family helped keep him in the minds of the friends he'd made, even after he had to go back to Spain. Between his seemingly magical ledge skills and the desire to film on a regular basis, it was eventually an obvious decision to add him to the Lakai and Chocolate teams. He comes from a similar school that a lot of the skaters from the Lakai family are a part of, skating ledges and innovating things along the way. While intense looking and able to quote from Scarface at will, he's fun to have at the session and always one to keep things positive.



Lately, what’s been keeping the skate fire lit for you?
I guess being back in Los Angeles for a while and skating with my teammates. And “the video”- yeah filming for the next Chocolate video has being giving me a lot of motivation to skate and try new, different tricks.

Average day for you: 
When I’m back in Spain I wake Billy up and give him breakfast. My wife gets ready to go work, then I hang out with Billy all morning until she gets back at 13:00. When she gets back, I go skate. I meet Danny and Javier or Niki and we go skate all day. Niki is the filmer I’ve been skating with the most when I’m in Spain. I like to go skate with him because we always have a good time. After that I go back home and have dinner with the family and put Billy to sleep. I normally put him to sleep, but now I’ve been gone almost two months so I don’t know how that’s gonna work. I guess it will still be the same.

Kick back with friends or hang with Billy?
I like to hang out with my son now days because he is growing so fast that I want to enjoy any moment with him while he is such a small little human- happy with no problems, stress or worries. He just smiles and laughs about everything. But of course I need my friends too. I guess there is time for everything.

Asking for product is a normal little kid thing to do at a demo. How do you handle those persistent requests?
Yeah I am just used to it, it’s really normal. I don’t care when they ask for stickers or like a tour t-shirt and stuff like that but sometimes it’s just too much when they ask you about your skateboard or they go, like, “Hey, please can I have your shoes or your beanie or hat or whatever.” But I don’t trip, they are just kids- it’s normal I guess.

In Spain the pace of life is different. How much of a culture shock is it when you visit the US?
It’s just really different but I think I’ve been to the US so many different times that I kinda know how everything works here. And it’s just like a small shock every time I travel here. Shock in a good way, you know. It’s just a different lifestyle- like driving cars, eating healthy and waking up early. Jumping school fences to skate. Of course the language too.

Legalize it?
What, weed? I don’t know about that. hahahaha.

Infatuation with certain skaters when we’re young is normal. Who did you look up to or idolize as a young Spanish skate rat?
There were three of them that I really looked up to: Sergio Bernabeu (EL NANO), Esteban Velarde and Rodrigo Rodriguez. Really technical skating.

Many skaters have come through Spain hitting as many spots as they can before going home. How has that been for the locals? Do they get bummed that they’re sharing their spots with the rest of the world?
No I think they get happy about it. I don’t even consider myself a local cause I’m from Madrid but I will be stoked that people from other cities like my city for skating. If a local dude doesn’t like to share the spots it’s because he’s probably a hater and he doesn’t get to travel to the other places of the world.

Incidental shenanigans at spots happen from time to time. From bums to fender benders to “citizen heroes” trying to get in the way. Have you had to deal with or been witness to anything like this at a spot?
Yeah, mostly at MACBA. There is always a fight or someone getting jacked. It’s always bums and drunk people fighting down there. I kinda hate MACBA for that reason.

There were a lot of people stoked on your Fully Flared part. Are you going to have a full part for the Chocolate video?
Yeah that’s what I’m trying to do right now. I think it’s up to me- if I get a lot of footage in the next couple months I’ll have a full part. I think so though, I still have time.

Ever get envious of Marc Johnson’s ability to pretty much do whatever he wants on his board?
Yeah that happens really often. He’s too good, I wish I could skate like him.

Decapitate any cameras lately, like the one you took out in the beginning of your Fully Flared part? 
I never thought this thing was gonna be that funny, but everyone talks to me about it. I didn’t break any fisheye’s lately, but I recently met Frankie and I almost hit his fisheye. I was really bummed because I thought that I scratched the lens, but I didn’t touch it and he told me, “Hey don’t break my fucking fisheye man.” haha.