Mike Carroll


Early in his years as a pro and Am he was part of what shaped a new school of skating. Unknowingly, he and the other Embarcadero locals started what could be called modern street skateboarding. He combined style with a technical prowess that few others possess and put the hurt on every aspect of the natural park. He helped put S.F. in the greater skate media and made wearing your shirt inside-out cool. With deep roots in S.F. and LA, he's made spots in both cities all his own. Our memories of those spots have been made by skaters like him, just as associations with certain eras spark memories of old graphics. As VP of the Girl Companies he has helped create some of the most respected teams in the skate world. Like his other partner and Lakai teammate, his notoriety is for his on board ability and not what goes on in the office, but both are equally important. Each of his video parts has pushed the realm of what we thought was possible on a board and spawned countless admirers and imitators. While he takes some parts of life utterly serious, his fondness for wizard outfits and feathered boas are documented examples of his ability to enjoy life to the fullest on multiple levels.



Last time you skated with Kelch?
Probably back in the 1900’s?

Awesome or badass, Raven skating a bowl?

Keep up with the times or stick with the classics?
Keep it classy with the times.

Aside from Oliver Barton, have you ever made a photographer or filmer bleed?
Just Oliver. We have a special bond.

Is there a deadline for the new Chocolate/Girl flick? Are you going to be in it?
Kinda, yes, no, maybe so, who knows…

Llamas are to Peru like ______ is/are to Los Angeles.
Botox, Silicon, and Palm Trees

Impeccable flips tricks have always been one of your trademarks. Which has been the hardest one to consistently get right?
(Rick)Howard Flip

Many pros of your generation seem to have either faded away or put out only a little footage here and there. What keeps you from taking the easy route?
I didn’t have GPS, I just ended up here.

In the past, Lakai has ventured beyond the norm with colorways and shoe design. What factors contribute most to this approach?
Pretty much do what we want, when we want, how we want. #Dowhatchalike.

There have been many Lakai trips, which has been your favorite?
The last Europe trip we did (Voltage) was probably the best cuz we had the whole crew there. That was an awesome trip! The Beware the Flare trip was awesome too.

Elasticity in muscles is a good thing for skaters, prevents injuries and keeps them running smooth. How has your stretching routine helped you over the years?
It helped me be the last person to the van on tour.

Does your experience wearing so many different shoes over the years help in the design aspect of Lakai?
I’ve always been into shoes for some weird reason. So I guess it’s helped but having a good design team that knows what’s up with skating and good looking shoes then putting both to ideas together it’s what really helps.