Raven Tershy


Fast as hell and with the balance to hold a long nosegrind on pool copping, young Mr. Tershy has quickly made an impression. Able to skate any transition you care to put in front of him, from backyard mini-ramp to 16-foot over-vert pocket, he'll skate it and possibly do something never seen before. He's also more than capable of back smithing any ledge, and hit whatever else is down the street. He's an ATV with shades of a Nor. Cal. legend. Over the past couple years he's been hitting the road and seeing all new terrain and ways of looking at skating. Living and skating in the Santa Cruz area and greater Northern California his whole life, he has been exposed to every school of skateboarding you can think of, and possibly a few you can't. With family that has roots in the old Embarcadero scene and an empire of Diamond, he has seen the breadth of what skating can offer. He's able to take elements of street and tranny and mix them by going faster and doing things just a bit gnarlier than others. Seeing him skate the confines of an indoor park is similar to seeing a caged beast ravage the inside of his trappings. Nothing is left untouched by his wheels.



Longest road trip?
This summer i went on two Lakai trips and one Creature trip without going home; I think I was gone for almost three months.

Are the dudes at Creature good role models for a kid traveling around the country at such a young age?
Yeah they are awesome, we get into the same type of things every other skate company does on their trips.

Keeping the focus on transition or are you planning to flex your skill in the streets as well?
I try and skate wherever I go so if it’s a pool, a park, a ledge, a gap, or a handrail I’ll try and figure something out for it.

As indoor parks go, which do you like more; the Girl park or the spot where you filmed We are Your Friends, pt. 2?
My favorite place to skate indoors in LA is for sure the Girl park.

In the past your style of skating wouldn’t necessarily be something people would expect from a Lakai guy. Do you think skateboarders should be equally comfortable doing backside smith to back tailslides on ledges and grinding 12-foot vert walls?
I think skateboarding is all about breaking out of your comfort zone. It’s always fun to watch someone skate something they normally wouldn’t.

L.A. vs. No. Cal: Which do you prefer and why?
No doubt Northern Cali is my home, but as far as skating goes, LA is the place to be.

Invert or Miller-flip?
I can’t really do either but I want to learn egg-plants really bad!

Music and memories are often associated, what music do you most associate with the Lakai Voltage tour?
David Guetta, that song about all the crazy shit he did last night, Biebel blasting Lil Wayne, and Marc playing a bunch of really cool music I hadn’t heard before.

In a short time you’ve managed to get a lot of coverage. Has doing the home school thing helped and are you done with all that stuff now?
I’m still enrolled at my normal high school right now but I was able to take this physics class online so I could graduate a semester early, which has made it a lot easier to travel for sure!

Talking with kids at spots and parks can be distracting when you’re trying to keep your mind in the session. How do you deal them when they ask a question while you’re dropping in?
I just try and talk to them, the little skate rats are pretty interesting sometimes.

Educating yourself on the board is one thing but learning the other parts of skating comes from observing. Who did you look to for your “schooling”?
My parents schooled me pretty well! I’ve seen people do some really stupid things on tour and I guess I just paid attention and learned from their mistakes. Just be nice to people and don’t complain about anything, and you should be able to vibe with any group of skaters.

Do you pass down your old gear to kids at skate parks or shops? If not, what do you do with it?
My old boards, trucks, and wheels are usually pretty thrashed so nobody wants them; but all my homies back in Santa Cruz are always rocking my old Lakai’s!