Riley Hawk


An unfortunate release of a bad movie just months after his birth nearly made young Riley Hawk's life a hell like no other. Thankfully, his father saw it fit to call on his middle name for common use going forward, otherwise he'd forever be associated with a bad, balding actor. First, starting out skating transitions at a young age, he quickly adapted to the board and was pulling tricks that skaters his father's age were having trouble doing. As he aged, street became his priority and he picked up tricks faster than a jackrabbit on his wedding night. His well-rounded abilities have helped him do well in contests, and more importantly, push his skating and level of fun to new places. During the last few years he has sprouted into a lanky young adult with a polished style and an obvious desire and confidence to push himself even further. More recently, he has been on a steady streak of clocking footage, photos and time on the road. Although he's well spoken, he says few words in public or in front of the camera, and sometimes has to be prodded out of his shyness. The next couple years will be fun watching him grow and push his abilities more and more.



What is your full name, your age, and where do you come from?
Hudson Riley Hawk, 24, San Diego CA

How long have you been skating?
Fuck like 20 years haha

Which skaters inspired you the most growing up, and which inspire you today?
Reynolds cause he’s the best haha, and honestly all my homies.  Watching my buds rip gets me more stoked than anything

What does your perfect day look like?
Everyone in a van skating and having a good time

What are you bumping on the jambox at a good session?
Depends I guess on the session.  If I’m trying to sack a rail maybe some King Diamond haha

How do you feel about Instagram/social media and skateboarding?
I think I was the last generation that came up in skating without the social media aspect so I never really had clips at skate parks or that kind of stuff growing up.  It has its goods and bads, use it how you want

What is a bad habit you need to kick?
Biting my nails

Favorite place skateboarding has taken you, and place you want to travel to the most?
Throughout Europe on a skate trip is always insane.  I would like to go to Bali it looks rad

How did you get your spot on Lakai?
I think through Atiba showing my footage to someone and then Feds was hooking me up and took me on some trips

Who is your favorite Lakai rider, past or present?
Rick Howard

What do you think you would be doing if you weren’t skating for a living?
Hopefully something else I enjoyed haha whatever I could to not work a 9-5

Favorite thing about riding for Lakai?
It is and has been one of my favorite skate brands since I was about 13

Any last words?
Thank you guys for everything