Riley Hawk


An unfortunate release of a bad movie just months after his birth nearly made young Riley Hawk's life a hell like no other. Thankfully, his father saw it fit to call on his middle name for common use going forward, otherwise he'd forever be associated with a bad, balding actor. First, starting out skating transitions at a young age, he quickly adapted to the board and was pulling tricks that skaters his father's age were having trouble doing. As he aged, street became his priority and he picked up tricks faster than a jackrabbit on his wedding night. His well-rounded abilities have helped him do well in contests, and more importantly, push his skating and level of fun to new places. During the last few years he has sprouted into a lanky young adult with a polished style and an obvious desire and confidence to push himself even further. More recently, he has been on a steady streak of clocking footage, photos and time on the road. Although he's well spoken, he says few words in public or in front of the camera, and sometimes has to be prodded out of his shyness. The next couple years will be fun watching him grow and push his abilities more and more.



Living with skateboarders around you since you were a youngster, did you ever feel that you were destined to become one?
Ha! No I don’t think so. It was cool always having my dad doing something I liked as a little kid though.

Ability to skate any terrain is becoming more common again with your generation. Why do you think more kids are back into skating everything now?
I’m not sure. Maybe because there are skateparks now with everything you could imagine.

Kitchen eats or fast food?
I wish I had kitchen eats, but much more fast food for me.

A portion of your recent footage has been handrail friendly. Is this something new for you or have you always skated them?
I think they intimidated me a lot more when I was littler but now growing and having more leg power helps for sure. I think they will always scare me though.

In almost every skater lies a desire to skate new spots and see what the world has to offer. Have you taken any low-key cross-country road trips or done an overseas personal mission?
Um, I have never gone on any trips just for me but going cool places with my dad is rad cause I can see new places and maybe go back one day for a personal mission.

Limitless coverage is available via the world wide web. Do you think this is a good thing for skating or does it make good footage harder to differentiate?
I think it’s cool cause I can watch any skate part I want whenever, but I feel people don’t get the credit they deserve for the web parts they put out there.

Is fun the most important thing for kids today or do they just care about getting sponsored?
I don’t really know. I guess it’s probably different with whatever crew you’re skating with. None of my homies care about getting sponsored and I feel like that’s the way to go cause it makes it way more fun.

Modern influences shape your skating or did you learn the most from the being around your dad and his friends?
I love new and old skating but it’s pretty cool watching my dad and his friends skate cause they have rad stories about skating back in the day So I would say both inspire me for sure.

Initiating the session or waiting for people to call you?
Maybe if I have been thinking about a trick, I try and get a crew together and go skate. But if not me and my buddies usually end up skating every weekend down in San Diego.

The inspiration music can provide is second to none. What bands get you fired up?
I love Black Sabbath, The Groundhogs and a lot more old bands like that. There are a few bands around today that I love like Danava or Graveyard too.

“Easier said than done.” What trick gives you that hardest time?
Probably ledge tricks, they can get pretty frustrating.

Doing things differently from the rest of the world is the greatest aspect of skateboarding. Has it taught you things you never would have learned in school?
Yeah, for sure. I think in school every one thrives off their accomplishments, where in skating everyone is just trying to have fun and doesn’t think much about that kind of stuff.