Stevie Perez


Being the quiet, humble and polite kid he is, it's a small wonder he became sponsored. No denying his talent, it seems that he lacks an ego that one would associate with someone even half as skilled. His small frame and demeanor belies the fact that there is a seething skate beast under the surface. Educated and supported by the folks at Val-Surf, their tutelage helped to guide him from a young rail-monkey to a well rounded smooth operator. Not one to be swayed by the trends of the moment, his style and trick selection are all his own. Dedication to progression, not only for a new trick but to do it with style is evident. There is a relaxed level of comfort when he steps on his board that isn't aggressive or unrefined but smooth and powerful. Efficient without being stale or mediocre his progression from trick to trick in a line is seamless even when the spot is new to him. Questions will fade with the release of his first major part in Pretty Sweet but until then, take Guy Mariano?s word for it, "I think Stevie will be the biggest surprise because people haven't seen as much of him as the other guys. I've taken a couple of trips with him and he's blown me away. His style is great."



Long trip after long trip seem to be a steady diet for you right now, how has road life treated you overall?
It’s been good so far. Being on the road is pretty fun, especially with all the TB’s (trunkboyz). It’s cool to come home for a bit too though, makes you appreciate it a lot more.

Are there any cities that you’d move to just to skate?
There’s definitely plenty of cities I would like to go back to. SF is always nice.

Keep a board until it’s flex out and done or switch it out after a few sessions?
Usually I skate them for a good two weeks depending on the spot & how much I skate.

As indoor parks go, which do you like more; the Girl park or the spot where you filmed We are Your Friends, pt. 2?
My favorite place to skate indoors in LA is for sure the Girl park.

If you could add anything to the Lakai catalog, what would it be?
I don’t know, maybe some hacky sacks.

Last shoe you skated multiple pairs of?
The old Manchesters are my faves, been diggin’ the Carroll 5 lately too.

If there was an era of skating you could go back in time to witness, which would it be?
It would’ve been sick to grow up in the late 80’s / early 90’s just to see the EMB days go off. Would’ve been tight to see Love pop off too though!

Manny pad or double sided curb?
Double sided fosho.

Insta-fun or Insta-lame??
Insta-okay. It’s got me lookin’ at the phone more then ever! Bad habit.

Three team managers were asked about you and they all said the same thing, “He’s a polite, quiet kid that rips.” Is that accurate?
I don’t know, I’ve always been kind of a timid kid. I guess I just try to keep everything in accordance.

El Chocolate Tour was your first trip outside the US, what was your favorite part? 
The whole trip was an awesome experience! Nica was definitely the spot. Chico’s family made me feel right at home. The resort killed it too!

Didn’t some sort of robbery happen? 
Yeah! So much shit happened! Raven got robbed by some scumbags, Vincent got arrested by the cops, but we all made it out at the end with beers in hand!