Yonnie Cruz




What is your full name, your age, and where do you come from?
Jonathan “Yonnie” Cruz, 29, Florida

How long have you been skating?
16 years

Which skaters inspired you the most growing up, and which inspire you today?
Such various styles it’s hard to put a label on it. All of skating when I first started was inspiring. Times are different now.

What does your perfect day look like?
Acai and skate and chicas

What are you bumping on the jambox at a good session?
Something everyone’s feeling

How do you feel about Instagram/social media and skateboarding?
It’s whatever, it’s here now so embrace it or don’t.

What is a bad habit you need to kick?
Probably saying the phrases “um…and huh?”

Favorite place skateboarding has taken you, and place you want to travel to the most?
San Francisco and I’d like to travel to Japan as much as possible.

How did you get your spot on Lakai?
10 years flow

Who is your favorite Lakai rider, past or present?
Pops, Lenoce, Carroll

What do you think you would be doing if you weren’t skating for a living?
Maybe playing soccer or something…I don’t know.

Favorite thing about riding for Lakai?
The homies

Any last words?
Lakai or die